You Are Worthy Of Feeling Good


I came across this image today and thought about a conversation I had a couple weekends ago with Bob. For those of you who don’t know or haven’t been following along, Bob is Vaughan and I’s Spiritual Life Coach, good friend, and the one who married us. We always make a point to have dinner with him and his amazing wife Anne from time to time to catch up in each others lives. It is always one of those evenings enjoying good food, good wine, and great company and conversation. You know, the evening that you never want to end but seems to go by too fast.

Anywho.. I was telling him about a book that I’m working on. It’s going to be about Paleo (obviously) and moreso, how to transition into the lifestyle by relearning how to cook, eat, enjoy, and understand food. Whether it’s Paleo or simply transitioning to a healthier way of eating, it is always challenging but doesn’t have to be. There are things we can do to make the transition easier, especially once we discover more about who we are and how we function, specifically when it comes to food. So stay tuned! It’s going to be a great one!
I was telling him how people have to change their thoughts about food before they can change their actions. And in true wise Bob fashion, he asked, “But what do they have to change in order to change their thoughts?” Thinking about it for a second and Vaughan and I throwing out a couple of responses (which were all way off), he simply said, “They have to change their beliefs.” More specifically their beliefs about themselves. Ah-ha! I get it, and so Bob gave me another chapter of my book. So many of us go through life thinking we are not worthy. We think we have done something or somethings so horrible that we are not worthy of someone else’s love, of our own love, of being beautiful, of being happy, of being healthy, or so on. We think we are meant to suffer when the exact opposite is true! Each and every one of us is worthy and destined to be happy. We just have to believe it in ourselves. Once we believe we are worthy of being healthy, happy and feeling great, we tend to start making better decisions in our life.
Many times, I have found that people eat and make poor food choices not because it is “easy,” or “tastes better” or is “cheaper.” Those are all covers for the real reason, we don’t think we are worthy of taking care of ourselves.

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