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10 Tips To Save Money On Food

Warning: This is a post that gets me fired up! Ok, that’s your fair warning. Prices on food is every so slightly going up… Oh who are we kidding, there’s been droughts, and fires, and gas prices, and other what nots that are making food prices go up and everyone is feeling the pinch. And […]

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10 Summer Care Tips For Dogs

Summer is here in full force and we know what that means. Beach time, vacations, cookouts and sunburns… We are constantly being reminded to stay cool, keep hydrated, and not to forget the sunblock. But also, let’s not forget about our pets. They are as susceptible to the sun and heat as we are. So […]

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A Proper Paleo Cinco De Mayo

This is probably one of the mostest favoritest holidays of a Paleocian! (Ya, I make up words). Especially for Vaughan and myself. When Cinco De Mayo rolls around we will grab our mustaches, jump on our bikes and peddle over to our favorite Mexican joint, Rocco’s Tacos. The great thing about all of these cultural […]

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Top 10 Healing Foods Of The Season

As Vaughan would say, I’ve been a little radio silent for the past week or so.  For those of you who don’t know, Vaughan shattered his tibia 2 Fridays ago playing kickball (although he likes to tell everyone it was from saving a kid from a shark).  I instantly became a 24 hour a day […]

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