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Fauxghetti And Meatballs

So maybe it’s not pasta, but it’s the next best thing and so much better for you. Plus, unlike pasta, I don’t feel lethargic after I chow down on this meal. Vaughan likes to make his fauxghetti with spaghetti squash. Personally, that is not a quash I like. It’s too sweet, so I use zucchini. […]

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Simple Pickled Cucumbers

 You can soak just about anything in vinegar and I am probably going to like it. Vinegar is just one of those flavors that I can’t seem to get enough of. Some people like salty, most love sugary, but for me the more it makes me pucker, the more I enjoy it. I was very […]

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I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to toss food. If I can find a way to extend the shelf life of something, I will. So when my banana’s were just on the verge of turning, I peeled them, wrapped them in saran wrap and tossed them in the fridge. I knew they would […]

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Enchilada Hash Breakfast Casserole

Schools back in session. 🙁  That means only one thing…. Summer is nearly over. Actually, it means a lot of things… More AM traffic, less time, new sleep schedule, more rushing, more PLANNING necessary.  Maybe I don’t have kids, but my morning have just shifted as well. I took on the “front desk” morning position […]

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Blackened Salmon with Mango Salsa

We all know how great salmon is for us and added bonus is you can cook it a hundred different ways.Blackened salmon is nice during the summer when served with a cool refreshing salad or a chilled salsa, like mango salsa here. This is another easy recipe. You can make it as spicy or tame […]

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Rum Baked Bananas

This dessert is great on it’s own, with whipped coconut cream, a paleo ice cream or as a topping for pancakes! I love fruit desserts, especially when I can kick it up a notch and make the fruit even more spectacular. There are a 100 different ways you can bake and flavor bananas. This happens […]

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Italian Stuffed Chicken

Ahhh yes, another chicken recipe. And why not? This bird is so versatile and can work with any flavor you throw at it. This recipe came from wanting to make something different for lunch. Simple, satisfying and ready when I am. The ingredients can easily be switched out for whatever flavors you like. Don’t want […]

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Kale Sloppy Joes

In a desperate need to find something different for breakfast and only use what is in my fridge, I came up with Kale Sloppy Joes. Ya, you read that right… for breakfast!  In our family this is one meal we do not skip. Mostly because the first words that usually come out of my mouth […]

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Easy Paleo Skillet Chicken

Once you try this recipe you are going to love it. Besides being easy (which is always a selling point for me) its delicious and you can practically clean out your fridge of any veggies you need to use. It may not look fancy, but trust me on this one. The Good Stuff: 2-4 chicken […]

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Eggplant Fries With Dill Dipping Sauce

  Let’s face it… There are not too many people in this world who are fans of eggplant, and I’ll be the first to admit and I am surely among that group. But for some reason from time to time, I seem to find myself staring down that beautiful purple skinned monster in my crisper, […]

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