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Paleo Cocktail Sauce

Shrimp cocktail is a must appetizer in our house but I absolutely HATE how much sugar is in cocktail sauce. Last week our friend dropped off some fresh yellow tomatoes from his garden so I decided to give a try at making my own. Now, it doesn’t taste like the typical cocktail sauces we are […]

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Baked Chicken Skins

There are very few things in this world better than chicken skins… Except maybe bacon. But still chicken skins are a close second. I’ve been buying whole chickens instead of just the breasts or thighs and cutting them up myself. I keep the back and innards for stock. Just seal the pieces up in a […]

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Benefits of Fermenting Foods – Raisin Chutney

I’ve been reading “Deep Nutrition” by Dr. Catherine Shanahan, M.D., as one of my books for my Nutrition program. Let me just go ahead and say I HIGHLY recommend this book, especially for anyone interested in the history of how we are supposed to eat and more in depth information on how food affects us. Dr. […]

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Sausage Pepper Sweet Potato Biscuits

OMG! These are fantabulous!!! I always need something that I can grab for a quick food fix and these really hit the spot! They make a great appetizer, breakfast food, or a snack on the go. I took the recipe from www.paleomg.com and adjusted it for my needs. I can’t wait to try them with […]

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Paleo Pumpkin Pie

Long time waiting but my blog is back up and in the process of getting a redesign. Please bear with me as it gets updated… But at least I can blog again! And just in time too… Thanksgiving is coming up and that means planning, planning planning to create a paleo friendly menu that everyone […]

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Loaded Sweet Potato

This is such a great meal because you can make in advance and is fantastic as leftovers… We love sweet potatoes and find them to be very filling. A lot of people will initially question whether sweet potatoes are considered paleo. The short answer is yes! And if you are burning a lot of fuel […]

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Paleo Mayo

I finally took the plunge… Into making condiments that is. Going Paleo and eater better is one thing, but to actually make 99.9% of the foods you consumed, definitely seemed like too much. There were a few things that I just wasn’t ready to tackle yet.  Mayo, ketchup and all other “dippers” were in that […]

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Grain Free Crackers

With a little creativity, you can eat Paleo and not miss out on anything! Who would have thought that you can make grain free crackers that are perfectly crunchy and delicious!  The only set back is that they only have about a 3 day shelf life in an air tight container. But no worries, they […]

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Tipsy Tuesday – White Linen

This cocktail is a take from a cocktail that originated at the Shady Lady, a speakeasy in Sacramento. Nothing too crazy and super refreshing. The presentation can be killer too if you get it right. We had to use chopsticks at Kapow to get the cucumbers to stick to the side of the glass, but […]

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Summer Mango Salsa

I went to Ellenville Farmer’s Market last Thursday to pick up our weekly organic produce basket and somehow managed to make it home with 3 mangoes as well. I’m such a sucker for fresh local fruit. Even though I know how high of a sugar content mango is, I just couldn’t resist. We really don’t […]

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