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Lavender Infused Blueberry Strawberry Wine Butter

So you have a lot of berries in your fridge and you don’t know what to do with them…. I WISH I had that problem. Berries don’t seem to last very long in our fridge since Vaughan and I eat them like candy. I suppose in the Paleo world, berries are our candy. Good for […]

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Enchilada Hash Breakfast Casserole

Schools back in session. 🙁  That means only one thing…. Summer is nearly over. Actually, it means a lot of things… More AM traffic, less time, new sleep schedule, more rushing, more PLANNING necessary.  Maybe I don’t have kids, but my morning have just shifted as well. I took on the “front desk” morning position […]

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Grain Free Crackers

With a little creativity, you can eat Paleo and not miss out on anything! Who would have thought that you can make grain free crackers that are perfectly crunchy and delicious!  The only set back is that they only have about a 3 day shelf life in an air tight container. But no worries, they […]

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Blackened Salmon with Mango Salsa

We all know how great salmon is for us and added bonus is you can cook it a hundred different ways.Blackened salmon is nice during the summer when served with a cool refreshing salad or a chilled salsa, like mango salsa here. This is another easy recipe. You can make it as spicy or tame […]

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Summer Mango Salsa

I went to Ellenville Farmer’s Market last Thursday to pick up our weekly organic produce basket and somehow managed to make it home with 3 mangoes as well. I’m such a sucker for fresh local fruit. Even though I know how high of a sugar content mango is, I just couldn’t resist. We really don’t […]

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Bacon & Brussels Sprout Slaw

If you don’t like Brussels Sprouts, then you’ve never had them prepared right! This is such a delicious veggie, but not one that many will enjoy steamed or lightly sauteed. They’re hearty and can take a beating when being cooked. We love our Brussels Sprouts and would eat them AT LEAST once a week for […]

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Mango Poppy Seed Poppers

With the peak of mango season at hand and everyone’s trees getting ready to drop here isn sunny Florida, you will be seeing several mango recipes from me. We only get these beauties in all of their glory once a year. After this, they are picked green, shipped around the world and gassed to ripen.. […]

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Zucchini Pancakes

Looking for something different for breakfast? Ok, so let’s get real for a second.  The ONLY way these Zucchini flapjacks represent pancakes is in looks alone. They are NEVER going to taste like the pancakes that we grew up on, but they are a great change up for the traditional Paleo eggs and bacon for […]

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Vanilla Poached Figs & Cherries with Coconut Cream

There isn’t much I can say about this dessert other than AMAZING! So I’m just going to cut to the chase and throw you the recipe. Figs and vanilla beans are probably not something you just have lying around the house (oddly enough, I did), but I highly recommend gathering the ingredients and giving this […]

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Bruschetta Chicken

Who doesn’t love a good bruschetta mix on a hot summer’s day?  Cold, colorful, and full of flavor. Being used to serving bruschetta on bread, it kind of went out of the window for us for a while. Until, I realized it doesn’t have to go anywhere. Bruschetta can still have a place in our […]

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