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The BEST Paleo Bread Recipe Ever!

Ya I went there. So many of us who board the Paleo train immediately look for a bread recipe to substitute the much missed chewy, soft, yeasty yumminess that we have diligently given up. We jump from “bread” recipe to “bread” recipe hoping that something will satisfy that dark hole that is now in our […]

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Homemade Beef Jerky for Dogs (grain free, dairy free treats)

I love my doggies! And I love to spoil them! But I have a little challenge when it comes to dog treats. My chocolate lab Maddox will eat anything (no problem there), but the other 2 dogs are a little challenging. Andi, our Great Dane, is super picky when it comes to food. We used […]

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We could learn A LOT from Brazils new dietary guidelines – Will America ever be able to follow suit?

First it was the pyramid… Now the plate… Who knows what the FDA will come up with next in regards to providing the public with a healthy food consumption guideline. But do these food guidelines really help us live a healthier lifestyle? Do they guide us into understanding what we really should and shouldn’t be […]

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Are you fat deprived?

Most Americans are fat deprived! We have been living the past 20+ years eating low fat foods thinking that this is the way to health and wellness. When in fact we need fat for: Hormonal Support Brain Function Energy Nutrient Regulation Nerve & Organ Protection Liver Function Cardiovascular Health Immune System Function and the list […]

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Stout Bacon Pecan Bars

  Mmmmm. Doesn’t that just sound amazing! I know for all you Paleo purists out there this isn’t strict Paleo. But that’s why my blog is called MORE Than Paleo! It’s still a better option for a dessert than traditional recipes. And don’t tell me that you aren’t thinking about licking the screen right now. […]

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Homemade Chicken Broth; A healing staple for your home

I just realized I haven’t posted a recipe for chicken broth. Blasphemy I tell you! There is no other staple more important in a properly stocked kitchen then homemade broth or stock. It is the quintessential base for any good dish. Look into any proper restaurant kitchen in the world and there will be a […]

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Tom Kha Gai Soup (Chicken Coconut Soup)

I don’t make enough soup! It’s so easy and yet something that is definitely missing in our home. Soups have been around… well, pretty much as long as cooking has been around. They are an easy dish that allows us to use all our ingredients without putting anything to waste. It’s a way to extend […]

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Tipsy Tuesday – Winterfest Anchor Clanker (my entry into an Absolut contest)

Soooooo…. I decided to enter a cocktail competition and I didn’t realize just how much work it was going to take. Creating the cocktail was the easy part. Now, getting people to vote on my cocktail is such a challenge! So here’s the deal. We have this thing every year in South Florida called the […]

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Homemade Sauerkraut

Growing up with a German family there was never a shortage of sauerkraut. At least once a week we would have it in our meals. Usually with franks. Somewhere down the line, as I got older, it slowly disappeared. Not sure if our eating habits just changed or possible complaints from my brother and I. […]

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Eat Seasonally & Reap The Benefits

One thing all nutrition experts will agree on is that as a society we need to let go of highly processed and refined foods and convert our eating to a whole foods diet rich in nutrients. All the research out there supports the benefits of eating whole foods while cautioning the consumer of the dangers […]

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