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The BEST Paleo Bread Recipe Ever!

Ya I went there. So many of us who board the Paleo train immediately look for a bread recipe to substitute the much missed chewy, soft, yeasty yumminess that we have diligently given up. We jump from “bread” recipe to “bread” recipe hoping that something will satisfy that dark hole that is now in our […]

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Homemade Chicken Broth; A healing staple for your home

I just realized I haven’t posted a recipe for chicken broth. Blasphemy I tell you! There is no other staple more important in a properly stocked kitchen then homemade broth or stock. It is the quintessential base for any good dish. Look into any proper restaurant kitchen in the world and there will be a […]

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Tom Kha Gai Soup (Chicken Coconut Soup)

I don’t make enough soup! It’s so easy and yet something that is definitely missing in our home. Soups have been around… well, pretty much as long as cooking has been around. They are an easy dish that allows us to use all our ingredients without putting anything to waste. It’s a way to extend […]

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Homemade Sauerkraut

Growing up with a German family there was never a shortage of sauerkraut. At least once a week we would have it in our meals. Usually with franks. Somewhere down the line, as I got older, it slowly disappeared. Not sure if our eating habits just changed or possible complaints from my brother and I. […]

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Bacon Wrapped Figs

I sent a snapshot of these babies to Vaughan yesterday while he was at work. His response: “What is that?” Mine: “Who cares! They’re wrapped in bacon!” Don’t we feel that way about everything? I know I do. Especially if that something is sweet like figs. Salty and sweet just go together oh so nicely. […]

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Summer Blackberry Salad

Vaughan and I just got back from Mexico and believe it or not I couldn’t wait to get back in the kitchen. We stayed at an all-inclusive and I have to be honest, not having to really think about dinner for a week was nice. The down side, (yes, there is a downside) is that […]

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Baked Chicken Skins

There are very few things in this world better than chicken skins… Except maybe bacon. But still chicken skins are a close second. I’ve been buying whole chickens instead of just the breasts or thighs and cutting them up myself. I keep the back and innards for stock. Just seal the pieces up in a […]

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Paleo Tacos

  Totally not the tacos we think of with Mexican food. These babies were made in an effort to throw something together from the fridge without having to go grocery shopping. The seasoning really gives the meat a taco flavor without all of the additives of those seasoning packs. Vaughan scarfed them down and I […]

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Simple Almond Butter Banana Pancakes

Ok, I have to admit it… I have a pancake obsession! I’m not sure exactly why, but when I actually have time to make breakfast I always seem to want to make pancakes. ┬áMaybe because they’re a childhood treat that seems to take me back, or maybe it’s the simplicity of eating them with your […]

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Fauxghetti And Meatballs

So maybe it’s not pasta, but it’s the next best thing and so much better for you. Plus, unlike pasta, I don’t feel lethargic after I chow down on this meal. Vaughan likes to make his fauxghetti with spaghetti squash. Personally, that is not a quash I like. It’s too sweet, so I use zucchini. […]

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