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Green Juicing For Health – A GREAT Way To Get Your Nutrients!

Green juicing seems to be all the rage these days. I’ve heard people talking about it, been reading about it everywhere, and quite a few people have been asking me about the best way to ensure they are getting enough nutrients. Well, this is one sure fire way. I’ve been writing for Fighter 411 magazine […]

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Apple Orange CRANBERRY Sauce

Let’s just go ahead and admit it… There is some small part of us that still missed the cranberry “jelly” that comes in a can that we used to eat for Thanksgiving with our Turkey. You know the stuff with the ridges that we would finely slice into thin disks, cutting along those indentions. LET […]

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Baked Grapefruit

Tart, tangy and sweet, grapefruits are typically a love them or leave them type of fruit.  But if you can get them on the sweeter side, when they are in season, nothing can be more satisfying during a Saturday morning breakfast.  I’ll admit, I used to have a thing for gin and fresh squeezed grapefruit, […]

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Grilled Peaches

It’s almost peach season! Peaches are the most perfect fruit! Sweet, juicy, light, but still flavorful and with a soft texture, there is nothing as good.  Growing up in Oklahoma, we had the juiciest most flavorful peaches you could ever imagine.  I grew up with an orchard where the peach trees would flourish. During season, […]

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