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Happy Mothers Day to ALL the AMAZING moms out there!

This is my first official Mothers Day and in true mom fashion, I woke at 5:30am… No sleeping in for this mom but used eye masks for sleeping. Bassil usually nurses in the middle of the night but I guess he decided to let me get a full nights sleep! Dogs started barking so I fed […]

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My birth story…

There is nothing more profound than becoming a mother. It’s simply indescribable. To create a life, nurture it to birth and bring that newborn into the world is something that sadly only women will truly get to experience and fully understand. It’s like joining a club that is so mysterious and exclusive that to try […]

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A letter to my husband on his first Fathers Day

To my dearest husband, best friend, and father of our soon to be born Bassil Patrick, Happy Father’s Day! I write you a letter here instead of a card because I want Bassil to be able to look back and read about the time when we were so anxiously anticipating his arrival. I’m thrilled to […]

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What this first time mom hates hearing more than anything

I’ve kept my mouth shut for a while (22 weeks to be exact) because I didn’t want to offend anyone or hurt anyones feelings. I know most of the people who talk to me about being pregnant, going into labor, or being a parent have good intentions and want to help. Or at least I always […]

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Ice Creams Hidden Chemicals. A dose of paint remover anyone?

I’ll be honest, I don’t really eat ice cream. In fact, the few times I have had some in the past several years it didn’t sit right with me. I almost always got an immediate stomach ache that lasted for hours. And I knew it had nothing to do with the dairy as dairy still […]

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Should Grains Be Included In The Paleo Diet? (& soaked porridge recipe)

“Going Paleo” means eliminating grains. ALL grains! – which can have a drastic effect on your body and blood sugar levels. Dense carbs, like grains, break down into simple sugars (glucose) in our digestive system. When over consumed, or consumed in the standard manner (through refined products), these types of carbs spike blood sugar levels, […]

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Is The War On Fat Finally Over?

I woke up this morning to the Today Show FINALLY touting some good nutritional advice for a change, no thanks to Joy Bauer! Anyone who knows me knows I can’t stand her “nutritional guidance” which is pro-factory, pro-governmental dietary training, pro-latest fad and absolutely NO real conversations about how food is affecting us through this […]

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Understanding FODMAPs

In the next months and years we will be hearing a LOT about FODMAPs and low FODMAP diets. Partly due to the recent gluten intolerance study (which I walk talk about in an upcoming post) and partly in due to an increasing number of people suffering from IBS. A low FODMAP diet first originated from a research […]

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How Your Coffee Can Make A Difference

We are a coffee addicted nation. We drink it to get moving in the morning, as a mid morning push through, after lunch, and a mid afternoon pick me up just to get us through the day. In the latest National Coffee Association Study, 63% of Americans drink coffee daily with about 80% drinking it […]

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The Skinny On Fat – Saturated fat IS NOT the enemy!

This whole nutrition thing is hella confusing! Low fat or high fat? Eat carbs or avoid carbs? High protein or low protein? Olive oil or vegetable oil? Butter or margarine? For the past 60+ years we have been receiving A LOT of varying information about what to eat, how much, when and even who with… […]

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