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My new on-the-go water filter

I’ve learned A LOT lately about the effects of municipal water and the impact it can have on our health. And because of this information I am really aware of the water I consume and its filtration. In fact, I wrote a blog about it over a year ago. Are you familiar with the water […]

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The Skinny On Fat – Saturated fat IS NOT the enemy!

This whole nutrition thing is hella confusing! Low fat or high fat? Eat carbs or avoid carbs? High protein or low protein? Olive oil or vegetable oil? Butter or margarine? For the past 60+ years we have been receiving A LOT of varying information about what to eat, how much, when and even who with… […]

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We could learn A LOT from Brazils new dietary guidelines – Will America ever be able to follow suit?

First it was the pyramid… Now the plate… Who knows what the FDA will come up with next in regards to providing the public with a healthy food consumption guideline. But do these food guidelines really help us live a healthier lifestyle? Do they guide us into understanding what we really should and shouldn’t be […]

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