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The Skinny On Fat – Saturated fat IS NOT the enemy!

This whole nutrition thing is hella confusing! Low fat or high fat? Eat carbs or avoid carbs? High protein or low protein? Olive oil or vegetable oil? Butter or margarine? For the past 60+ years we have been receiving A LOT of varying information about what to eat, how much, when and even who with… […]

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Bacon Wrapped Figs

I sent a snapshot of these babies to Vaughan yesterday while he was at work. His response: “What is that?” Mine: “Who cares! They’re wrapped in bacon!” Don’t we feel that way about everything? I know I do. Especially if that something is sweet like figs. Salty and sweet just go together oh so nicely. […]

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How To Make The BEST Burgers

Ya, I know there’s cheese on these! Don’t judge. 🙂  I use to struggle with burgers. I’d burn them, no flavor, they’d fall apart, be little meatballs…. All sorts of problems. But I never gave up. FINALLY, after many years of practice, I can make a YUMMY burger! And it’s all about the ingredients. I […]

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Bacon Salt

BACON! BACON! BACON!!!  Is it the smell? The saltiness? The flavor? The fat? Who knows, but one thing I know for sure is EVERYONE loves it. And for those few who don’t, well I personally don’t think they’re human! I actually stumbled across bacon salt somewhere, at some point (ya, I know, completely pointless comment), […]

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Enchilada Hash Breakfast Casserole

Schools back in session. 🙁  That means only one thing…. Summer is nearly over. Actually, it means a lot of things… More AM traffic, less time, new sleep schedule, more rushing, more PLANNING necessary.  Maybe I don’t have kids, but my morning have just shifted as well. I took on the “front desk” morning position […]

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Bacon & Brussels Sprout Slaw

If you don’t like Brussels Sprouts, then you’ve never had them prepared right! This is such a delicious veggie, but not one that many will enjoy steamed or lightly sauteed. They’re hearty and can take a beating when being cooked. We love our Brussels Sprouts and would eat them AT LEAST once a week for […]

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Bacon Wrapped Dates

You know bacon is a serious part of our world when you start seeing products like bacon ice cream, bacon bandages, bacon cocktails…. and the list goes on.  I love using bacon with everything, but who doesn’t!  This is one of my favorite (and easiest) treats to make when I am going to a party […]

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