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Meet Murphy

We have a new addition to our family I’d like to introduce, Murphy! Well, technically speaking he’s not that new anymore. I’m a little behind on introducing him since he actually moved in about 7 months ago. Moved in, got comfortable, claimed Andi as his girlfriend, and pretty much took over our house… and our […]

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(Drama) Queen Andi

This is actually a a post I just ran across that I never posted…. About Andi our crazy Dane. Thought this is as good as a time as any to post it. A little about our little girl. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting this crazy dog, you probably have a love/hate (annoyance) relationship […]

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Our “Puppy” Andi

Here’s a random shot of the “Queen” on her throne! She’s hilarious… We came home the other day and she took a pillow off of the couch, dragged it to her throne and sat on top of it.  I guess she wasn’t satisfied with the amount of cushion that the chair alone provided.

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