Party Favors – Bourbon Cherries

Parties for me are all about the details and one of my favorite “details” to figure out and create are party favors. I have to admit… I have this secret obsession with favors. I don’t think they are absolutely necessary BUT it is a nice touch and if favors are provided, I feel they should be considered as much as the cake or any other decor. It actually makes me sad when I see favors that were obviously bought in a “box” such as mini candles that fit the occasion but not really the theme or the candies that were purchased at Michaels and placed into little plastic take away boxes. To me it’s like spending hours on a wedding cake, making sure the icing is perfect, then just slapping on a tacky plastic cake topper.

The favors are the final impression a guest gets of the time they have just spent with you. Favors are meant as a thank you to your guest for them taking the time, energy, and money to spend with you and on you. I don’t think they are necessary if let’s say you are throwing a holiday party. But, if you invite them to an event that requires a gift (showers, birthdays) I think they are an important part of the celebration. AND they deserve the love an attention as much as the rest of the decor.

I love planning party favors because you have an opportunity to give something really cool with your personal signature and style that the guest can really appreciate. One of my all time favorite favors were these bourbon infused cherries that I gave for a birthday party. They’re really fairly simple to assemble and were minimal cost.

The Good Stuff:

  • 4 oz mason jars (with lids)
  • Cherries (each jar holds about 6)
  • Bourbon (this is a personal preference. I don’t use expensive bourbon. I don’t find it necessary. I can still get a great flavor with a lower quality bourbon.)
  • McGillicuddys Cherry Liquor (You can use other cherry liquors, like Cherry Heering, but I think this is one of the best flavor profiles and it is a great price.)

The How To:

  • Clean and pit cherries. I recommend using gloves and doing this on paper towels. Otherwise you and everything around you is going to be stained red.
  • Place 6 cherries in each jar.
  • Mix your bourbon and cherry liquor. I used 2 parts bourbon and 1 part cherry. Then fill each jar.
  • Close the lid on tight, decorate and let sit for at least 5 days. This will give you the best flavor. They can be kept much longer but if you serve them too early, the flavors won’t have infused.


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  1. Diane Mcgary December 14, 2012 at 12:43 am #

    wow! It looks so delicious! Great idea you got there! 🙂

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