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Hi (((waving obnoxiously)))! Welcome to my little slice of this world! I’m here to learn, grow, share, and hopefully help some of you along the way… As you can tell, I believe in the Paleo lifestyle but definitely understand that there is no one size fits all in this thing we call life.  I’ll share with you my Paleo recipes and life lessons. Oh, and ya… don’t tell anyone but secretly I want to be Martha Stewart. So you may find some of my crafts and how to’s from time to time. But MOST IMPORTANTLY, I want YOU to be healthy! We all deserve to live a happy healthy life and I’ll work to assist you along the way.  I’ll share with you my nutrition knowledge and provide you with what I hope you will find as helpful nutrition, supplement, and wellness information.  This is so much more than Paleo!

My journey started several years ago down the path of Crossfit & Paleo. I was forced, er… I mean introduced into Crossfit via my husband. We were planning our wedding and in true bride fashion, I needed a fitness regimen. Like many Paleo addicts, I immersed myself into this lifestyle because of Crossfit.  Little did I know, the Universe was conspiring to drive me.  At the time, ironically enough, I was working as an Instructional Designer writing and developing nutrition and weight loss programs for pretty much all age groups.  I was also going through a lot of self-discovery and realized I was treading into a path that I was intended to go down.

Fast forward to today… I am currently working on my Masters in Holistic Nutrition and continually work with individuals to get healthy.. Which includes the bonus of losing weight! We work on digestive challenges and changing thoughts and behaviors so that actions can follow suit. I am also in the process of writing a book about transitioning into a healthier way of eating and working on a product line (but that’s all I’ll say about that right now ;-)).

My biggest bonus in my life is my husband! As with all great spouses, he is truly supportive and encourages me in my endeavors and ever changing directions. And most importantly he helps me live a happy, fulfilled life. He owns and runs a chain of Organic Pizza Restaurants, Pizza Fusion, and we own Kapow Noodle Bar, which I spend a couple days a week bartending and allowing my creative juices to flow with the creation of the cocktails. We live busy lives but work to maintain balance and absolutely adore each other and love spending as much time as possible together.

We have a couple of AMAZING dogs (a great dane, a chocolate lab, and a great dane mix) and are working toward expanding our family.. in the human sense. I believe the best way to live and experience this life is through service to others. And let’s be honest, I really have to remind myself this when I deal with some nasty people (which always happens when you work in the service industry).. it’s an opportunity to practice patience!

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
Mahatma Gandhi

In full circle form, this blog actually started out as our wedding blog, and over time it grew up into what you see today. The following is our original “wedding story”…

It all started with an email… “Will work for pizza”!

This love story started in November 2007 when Angela, who was living in Orlando, answered an ad on Monster for the Corporate Trainer position at this start-up organic pizza company.  It wasn’t until she was mapping out the directions to get to her interview that she realized in was 3 hours away in Fort Lauderdale. The story could have ended at this point, but something told Angela to make the drive. There were much greater forces at work and she followed her instinct and made the journey down. Vaughan clearly recalls the first time this beautiful, tall blonde walked through the doors at his office. He was so enamored that he made her come back in for two more interviews… from Orlando. (What? He didn’t know) After her last interview, the communication went silent simply because Pizza Fusion wasn’t ready for the position to be filled quite yet. About a month went by and Angela couldn’t take the suspense and those “greater forces” were still hard at work so she crafted an eloquent email to Vaughan that simply said “Will work for pizza!”  It takes a lot to stand out in a sea of resumés but this email took the cake. Angela (obviously) got the job and so begins our love story.

Vaughan and Angela quickly became friends, sharing many common interests and hobbies. They both have Labrador Retrievers with funny names and they both hated running so much that they ran marathons together. Organic food, gardening, rainy days, sunrises and pretty much anything you can think of, except for liver and onions, was something the two shared common interest in. It was clear that something special was in the works. Now keep in mind they did possibly break a few “corporate America” rules by dating in the workplace, so Vaughan quickly made it a point to make sure he was not her direct supervisor. (Always a loophole). They kept their relationship very quiet, never allowing their personal life flow over into the workplace. Most people try and hide their daily drama from the workplace, these two were hiding their new found love and it wasn’t easy.  The weight of this big secret became a bit much so one weekend while opening our store in Seattle, Vaughan received a phonecall from Angela who gleefully shouted “I TOLD THEM!” Vaughan was a bit quiet on the other line because he was trying to figure out who “they” could possibly be. The only people in Seattle with her was their CEO and Vaughan’s partner Randy, both of whom had NO idea… Ohhhh, you told THEM! Well, we all know how that ended up working out for the two; Angela was promoted and the office celebrated! No more taking two cars to work or to Saturday morning long runs… they were “out of the closet”.

Since then, the two have become the best of friends and everyone they come in contact with, has felt their bond. So much so that some of Vaughan’s own family members strongly suggested that if he were to “let this one get away”, they would most likely leave with her.  Vaughan knew what he had to do…


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