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I have tried and tried to get a garden growing in our backyard to no avail! I absolutely adore our backyard, but one of the things I love about it the most is the same thing that keeps fruits and veggies from growing, the shade. And to be completely honest, I am just not good with plants. I either overwater or completely ignore. I have discovered apparently that neither extreme works well.  Sigh…

So when Vaughan told me about a community garden that we could purchase a plot from and grow our own plants, I was stoked. Then realized that if I couldn’t tend to plants in my backyard, how was I going to tend to plants a couple miles away. I could already see it now… Plots of gardens surrounding each other with lush veggies and vibrant herbs, and ours, right in the middle, looking sad and drab because its owner forgot to water it. I thought, what the hell, let’s give it a try. The Universe must have felt sorry for me because the next statement that came out of Vaughan’s mouth was, “farmer Jay will help.”  Woohoo!!! This man can grow anything! You’ve probably heard me talk about him before. He’s the local organic farmer who loves his job and life more than pretty much anyone and is awesome with his plants.

So we bought a plot.. for Kapow. Ya, Vaughan forgot to tell me that the plot is not going to be our own but for the restaurant. It’ll still be fun to tend and exciting to see what we can get to grow. With Farmer Jay’s help, we planted a bunch of herbs: thyme, lemon thyme, basil, mojito mint and a couple others. And there are a variety of edible flowers to use for cocktails! I’m pretty much going to take over this garden for the bar since the herbs aren’t quite enough for the kitchen.

Vaughan did say that there is one more plot available so I’m hoping he snags it up for us for our personal use. Watering is already hooked up to the plots so all I have to do is check to make sure the plants are getting the right amount of water and harvest when ready. These places beautify a city, provide an opportunity to meet others in your community and give us a chance to grow our own food that we otherwise can’t in our backyards. I’m so excited to take you on the journey with me as we discover how good (or awful) I am at taking care of this piece of earth and what uses I can come up with for all of the treats that come out of it! If you want assistance for any form of tree debris removal services, then check out this website.

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Check out your community and see where community gardens are located that you can take a part of. And please… provide any tips if you have any. I need all of the help I can get!

Farmer Jay & Vaughan prepping the dirt (raking it and watering it down).



Other plots well under way.




Our plants, ready for their new home.



We had to lay out the plants to see how many we could cram.. err.. I mean fit into the space.


Wahlah! The garden is complete, now just to wait.


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