Oh What to Wear???

As we get closer and closer, people are starting to panic! We think this is a good thing; it means people want to dress the part.  If you’re reading this and wondering what the heck I’m talking about, it’s probably because you missed the part where this is a “1930’s Era” themed wedding.  What does this mean? It means that we are enamored by the day of the speakeasy(even though prohibition ended in 1933)! And no, we’re not celebrating the Hindenburg exploding in 1937 or the New England hurricane of 1938. We’re talking about Jazz and Swing music from artists like Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway. Movies like Gone With The Wind and the The Wizard of Oz! The days of Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers. Joe Dimaggio starts his career with the Yankees while Babe Ruth retires.  It was a great time! (Minus that Great Depression thingy… hmmm… similar times?)

All of this is fine and dandy, but I can tell you’re still freaking out about “what to wear”.  Well let’s just start the conversation by saying this: “YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DRESS UP”.  This is not a costume party, but more of a “theme” party.  That means we’re decorating for the era and most of us will be dressing the part too.  The choice to “come in character” is 100% up to you, no strings attached.  Just like the silly bell-bottoms of the 70’s are NOTHING like the Z’Cavaricci’s of the 80’s, the flappers and zoot suited gangsters of the 1920’s have NO place at 1930’s party. Ya dig? The 1930s marked a time where the depressed economy reflected the world of dress as it has done today.  It drew in the flimsy fitted flapper designs of the slapdash 1920’s and formed a more conservative silhouette with immaculate tailoring in both their day and evening wear. The big broad-torso appearance of the zoot suit transformed into a more stylish dapper look which eventually gave way to the modern day business suit.

Thrift is the spirit of the day. Reckless spending is a thing of the past. The beginning of the decade saw women sewing more. Clothing was mended and patched before being replaced. Less ready-to-wear garments were purchased, even though styles were dramatically changing.

Costume -vs- theme.
The difference is that you don’t get into character by buying a polyester costume in a bag.  It means getting creative and finding vintage dresses, hats, brooches and shoes that are either from that time OR by designers that have those types of designs but made today. It means getting creative and having fun. If it becomes stressful, then come as you are… we still love you!

Here are some more images, links and ideas to get you started!

First… what NOT to do:

And now… what TO DO:

Some modern takes on the 1930’s era:

And a couple of hair-do’s to get the creative juices flowing!

Here are some other ideas for the 1930’s:
Ladies Fashions for the 1930’s
Shoes from the 1930’s
Lady’s 1930’s Hairstyles
More Womens Hair from the 30’s

Places to buy stuff: (Will Update often)

Men’s Stuff
Goorin Brother’s Hats (AWESOME HATS)
More coming soon…

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