Meet Murphy

Pretty BoyWe have a new addition to our family I’d like to introduce, Murphy! Well, technically speaking he’s not that new anymore. I’m a little behind on introducing him since he actually moved in about 7 months ago. Moved in, got comfortable, claimed Andi as his girlfriend, and pretty much took over our house… and our ankles! Have I mentioned yet that I LOVE this dog! I suppose before I tell you about Murph, I should tell you how he found his way into our hearts and our home. And yes, he already has about 87 different nicknames, like all the dogs (and friends) that pass through our home. Murphy, Murph, Durf, Murph-Durf, Durfy, Cray Cray, and well, the last nickname, lets just say it’s not nice to say in public, but a much deserved nickname none the less.

So how the story begins… It all began with Facebook. And Vaughan’s never-ending urge to take in every dog that needs a home. I’m NOT kidding. We have seriously tried to adopt about 17 different dogs (no exaggeration) with no luck. Each time, something has fallen through. Either they wouldn’t be well suited for the two we already have at home (because some how we seemed to think we needed a 3rd dog), or they were adopted before us, were meant to be single dogs, food aggressive, or so on. And it’s not like we were actually on a mission to get a 3rd dog. In fact, I can’t even remember ever having a conversation with Vaughan about whether we actually wanted a 3rd or not. It’s just that we would see a dog in need and although unspoken, we both knew there was room for one more in our home.

Then it happened! We have a friend (more appropriately, a dog angel) who volunteers for the organization 100+ Abandoned Dogs Of Everglades Florida. This organization is a non-profit that works with vet clinics and foster homes and a lot of amazing volunteers to rescue dogs that have been dumped in the Everglades. Yes, you read that right. Here in South Florida, there are a lot of people who seem to think its perfectly fine to dump unwanted dogs in the Everglades to fend for themselves. These animals have no food, no shelter, and frankly aren’t wild so not much of a chance of surviving out there for very long. And if you’ve ever had an opportunity to experience the heat of our summers, you can imagine how brutal the weather can be for these fury guys. So this organization is on a mission to rescue and find homes for these poor abandoned souls. Many of which are puppies that are born into this environment.

So back to Tiffany. Tiffany posted this picture of a particular dog that looked like a great dane on Facebook, as she does with all the dogs that need homes. This was the pic that she posted:

Murphy first pic

Vaughan saw it and something inside him said that we needed him… so on to #18. He tagged me in the picture and I also immediately fell in love. But what we didn’t realize until later, was that Tiffany had already put it out into the Universe that he needed us, or we needed him, or however that ended up working. On one of her “collection” trips to the Everglades she saw him running around completely emaciated with his tongue hanging out and was able to catch him. I seriously doubt he put up a fight. She probably just opened her car door and he jumped right in and snuggled up next to her… He’s that kind of dog. Anyway, she posted his picture and immediately thought about us and the dane we already have.

She didn’t want to tag us on the picture. She didn’t want to pressure us in to getting him and just let it unfold as it would. In less than 24 hours Vaughan saw the pic and reached out to her. Within the next two days we went to see him. It was at that point, we realized his tongue was never going to stay in his mouth. He has no teeth. Well, thats not completely true. He has 3 molars and 1 fang. The one that always seems to catch our ankles as he chases after us when we walk through the house. He had bad skin irritations, mange, severe dehydration and malnutrition, gastrointestinal distress and a whole host of other problems.

We showed up to the clinic where he was being housed and Tiffany brought him out. He was pure love! No aggression, just wanted to say hi to everyone and everything. It was as if he didn’t even know he had been abandoned. As if the world is made of roses and ever day is a new day with new adventures. This dog is the essence of innocence. He was still rough looking but as happy as could be and developed an affinity for cat treats. He actually preferred them at the clinic over the dog treats. He also preferred hard kibble versus soft food even though he couldn’t really chew. We just looked at each other and new he was going to be our 3rd dog.

The next weekend, Tiffany brought him out to our house for an introduction to our dogs.  It took about 20 minutes before he started to fit right in. Well, Maddox really didn’t want anything to do with him but Andi sure warmed up to him quickly. And it was like Murphy belonged here the whole time. It took Maddox about 2 months to stop growling at him every time he got in his space. They’re play buddies now. And him and Andi are absolutely inseparable. In fact, when Maddox gets moody with him, Andi will protect him. I think those two were always meant to be together. As for his teeth. They never came in and we are not sure why they are missing. We aren’t even sure exactly what kind of dog he is, but would love to hear your guesses. And we are not sure how old he is… In fact, there’s not much we know about him. Except he needs constant affection and loves to touch you, listens quite well (that took a while), loves to rough house with Andi, breakfast and dinner are his favorite times of day, enjoys conversing with the neighbor dogs, will fall asleep sitting up, is a horrible barker and actually loses his voice, and just wants to be loved more than anything else in the world.

So meet Murph! He has a floppy walk and two pointed ears that hear everything and he made it into our home and our hearts. If it wasn’t for the 100+ organization our house wouldn’t be quite as bright as it is with him in it. Of course our plants would be looking a lot better… He tends to eat them at night…. ALL of them. He’s a weird dog but he’s our third kid and we adore him. And we are so appreciative to all the organizations out there that are saving our furry friends.

This is the video of Murphy when he was rescued from the Everglades. It’s sad how bad of shape he was in but he’s doing great now!

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5 Responses to Meet Murphy

  1. Lora Elstad February 16, 2014 at 11:03 pm #

    Murphy looks like part Dane, part Bully or maybe Dane and Boxer.

  2. Brandi Eldreth February 16, 2014 at 11:06 pm #

    I am sooo happy for ol Merph,derf and let me just say that I would also take in every dog that needs to know what love is before they leave this earth, but the rest of my family thinks I’m crazy it doesn’t take any effort at all to be kind to animals so why does this happen? These are one of the reason I hate this world in some ways.but I just want to say thank you for helping these pups.

  3. stephanie February 17, 2014 at 1:32 am #

    There’s boxer in that sweet boy for sure:-)

  4. Sharon February 17, 2014 at 9:28 am #

    Love, love, love that dog! So happy for him ( and you). Thanks for the update.

  5. nihan May 14, 2014 at 1:17 pm #

    the video made me cry… im so happy for Murphy i am sure he will have a great life with you…

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