I Heart You Crossfit

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Crossfit I love you. I love you for allowing me to realize that within myself I have the power to rise above my own perceived limitations. That you allow me to push myself to continue to try harder and reach deeper. That no matter how bad it hurts and how much I want to quit, I can and will be stronger today than I was yesterday.  And that tomorrow will bring unlimited possibilities.

Crossfit, I love you for bringing me a new family of fellow athletes. Most of whom I have yet to meet and many of whom I will have lifelong bonds with.  I love how you’ve created an atmosphere where even in competition your own rival will rise up to cheer you on.  That no one team is too great and no one individual is too week.

Crossfit, I love you for being a family “sport.”  For allowing me to connect deeper with my husband during our morning workouts. For providing us our own little space of zen where we can cheer each other on and rub each other’s sore muscles. I love you for creating an environment where family is honored and competition is synonymous with support.

Crossfit, I love you for making me feel whole. I love you for giving me pain to remind me of what I’ve overcome and the fire to keep trying harder. I love that you taught me to be aware to my body and know when to go and when to yield. I love the bruises that teach me to pay better attention and the mobility to discover my own body.

Crossfit, I love you for teaching me to become healthy. For teaching me that strength and endurance are only part of the equation and nutrition is what will carry me on. That what I eat is as important as how much I lift or how fast I WOD. I love you for embracing the whole person and teaching me that how I feel on the inside is more important than what I look like on the outside.

Crossfit I love you. I love you for giving me the strength, courage and fortitude to live a long, healthy and empowered life.

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