(Drama) Queen Andi

This is actually a a post I just ran across that I never posted…. About Andi our crazy Dane. Thought this is as good as a time as any to post it. A little about our little girl. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting this crazy dog, you probably have a love/hate (annoyance) relationship with her. She’s a little wild and a lot of love…


The day we brought Andi home.

Before I can really begin to tell you about Andi, I should probably share with you how she came into our life.  From as far back as I can remember I wanted a Great Dane.  When I moved to grad school, I intentionally moved into a particular apartment (in the ghetto in Vegas) just because they allowed big dogs.  I read every book I could get my hands on about Great Danes in order to be well versed and ready for this breed.  Unfortunately, I figured out how much their true cost was (with the possibility of them having many medical issues) only AFTER I had moved into this glorious 600sq ft apartment that housed a meth lab in the adjacent space. But that is another story for another time.  And before you judge me for moving into a tiny 600sq ft apartment with the intention of purchasing a very large dog, you should know that Great Danes prefer small spaces and actually do quite well in apartment dwellings. (I told you, I did my research!) Plus there was plenty of room outdoors for them to run.

So as the story goes, I left that apartment and Las Vegas without ever getting my Great Dane. I had already envisioned this beast to be a male, which I was going to name Merlot. What? I love my wine!  Fast forward to a couple years later and a couple more times moving, and here I was moving in with this guy (Vaughan) who already had a couple dogs living with him and loves animals as much as I do.  At the time, a great soul named Bailey, a yellow lab, was part of his family.  Bailey lived to be 16 years old.  He moved on to bigger and better things in the Spring of 2011.  When Bailey passed, all we had was one lonely Chocolate Lab, Maddox.  Personally, I don’t think any more that he was lonely, I know as humans, we tend to glorify our pets and place human emotions on them.  Don’t get me wrong, they definitely have their own set of emotions that they share with us, I’m just not convinced they experience loss, anguish, fear or angst the same we do, but I digress.  After Bailey, we knew we wanted to get another dog and I had been tugging at Vaughan’s ear for a couple of years to finally get my Merlot!  To my luck, he caved.  He told me I could have my Great Dane when the time came.

A couple of months later a mutual friend posted a picture of these Great Dane puppies who were needing a home.  Two purebred male and female danes were surrendered to Big Dog Ranch Rescue. The organization took the female in to get spayed, only to realize she was about to bust out some pups in a couple of weeks.  She had her babies, 7 healthy ones, and the search was on to find great homes.  Big Dog Ranch Rescue is one of the largest no-kill shelters in state of Florida located in Wellington.  They are great organization that has found thousands of homes for abandoned unwanted dogs.  After a little begging, Vaughan agreed to come with me to pick out a pup.

In the original picture of the pups that we had seen, there was a male with blue eyes that we fell in love with.  We wanted him and we wanted to name him Frankie…. Until we met him.  He was too timid and the other pups were running all over him, literally.  We decided that a more dominant dog would do better with Maddox and us.  We spent a little time with each puppy but none had given us that spark yet.  Then, we noticed one of the puppies that was sleeping in the corner. We woke her up, she took a long stretch then immediately started playing with us and tugging on her sister’s ear.  This was her, this was OUR puppy!  We got to take her home a couple of weeks later.  We knew she was going to be a little bit of a Tomboy so we named her Andy.  We got her when she was 10 weeks old, weighing about 20 pounds.  She is now 16 months and well over 100 pounds.  We don’t know how big she is going to be but we know she is not done growing yet although she has slowed down.

Andi’s first day at home.

She has a personality and a half.  She sleeps on her back, snuggles in the middle of Vaughan and I in the mornings and has a tendency to shove her head under my arm pit.  If you wear a dress to our house, you will definitely get goosed and if she thinks she can walk under your legs, you better believe she will try. She has gas worse than anyone I have ever met and farts when she stand up, sits’ down, rolls over, or barks!  I’ve never met a dog with no personal space until I met Andi. You can have a staring contest with her nose to nose and she will try to win every time. That is until she gets bored and tries to bite your nose.

Andi always sleeps on her back.

Vaughan and I are avid Crossfitters yet it is not crossfit that has given us abs of steel.  It is the sound of her hooves running from the kitchen toward our bedroom as we are laying in bed.  We instantly crunch up our stomachs knowing that in 2.7 seconds she will leap from the bedroom door to the middle of our bed not knowing or caring what she is about to land on.  And oh ya… She thinks she’s a boxer.  She punches Maddox (and us) when she wants attention.  She’s even almost given us a black eye.  And if you lock her outside, forget about it.  She’ll sit outside the sliding door and politely knock once, maybe twice. But she quickly gets impatient and if you wait just long enough, you will see her rear her shoulder back and punch the door as hard as she can until it wobbles.  I just hope if she actually does break the glass door some day, I get it on video. I think she thinks she’s part cat too.  I always see her trying to climb to the highest points in our house.  She loves to snuggle and can get very jealous of Maddox or other people…

That’s Andi in a nutshell.  I love her dearly (although there have been nights where Vaughan has had tokeep me from opening the gate to set her free), but I wouldn’t trade her for anything.  She is an absolute riot and is always up to some new mischief.  And if you haven’t come over to our house yet, you’ll discover as soon as you walk through the front door that she is the greeting party. She stands on top of the chair next to the door so that when you walk through, she is much taller than you. Ya, she’s almost given a couple people a heart attack. I think I hear yelling at me for attention… Gotta go!



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