Diaper Cakes – The nearly perfect baby shower gift

Why nearly perfect? Well, the perfect baby shower gift is that gift that causes the mother to be to gasp, tear up and smile so big that you don’t think she’ll ever stop. It could be that one outfit that she pulls out of the box and can instantly see her baby in or the stroller that she didn’t expect and never thought she would be able to purchase herself.  But in order to have the perfect gift, you either have to be very lucky or extremely close to the mother to be.  And since no one in my immediate family is going to be having babies and personally I’m not that lucky, I’ll stick with the “nearly” perfect baby shower gift… The diaper cake.

Personally I think diaper cakes are one of the greatest gifts ever created for baby showers.  Every piece of them is usable, they are always so unique and the receiver always appreciates the love and care that went into the creation.  The bonus… They’re easy!  Sure you can purchase them online but if you have the ability and time to make them yourself, I would highly recommend it.  Although, depending on how you create them and how much detail you include, they can become a little time consuming.  This is where I grab Vaughan and get him to help me.  The following are some of my creations.










These diaper cakes were for a friend who was having twins.  One boy and one girl.  Her nursery is decorated in a Noah’s ark theme and colors were pink, blue and yellow.










Most people will use a cardboard cake base for the bottom of their diaper cake. You can purchase them from almost any craft or decorating store.  This is where Vaughan got to contribute.  There is actually a record holding up the bottom of these diaper cakes.  Vaughan’s contribution from his DJing days.











This diaper cake was for a boy.  Again, I used the record as the base of the cake.  In the middle is a champagne bottle.  The diapers were built around it.  I used quite a bit of baby wash rags in place of some of the diaper rolls.  There wasn’t really much of a theme going on here, just a bunch of random baby toys which made for a cute cake.








I wanted to try something different so I went for the bassinet.  This was very simple and very quick.  The only rolled diapers are the two on the bottom.  The rest are laid out side by side to make the base.  The top is an open diaper with a strip of carboard inside to keep it in place.

And here’s my cute/creepy legless bear.  When I first made it I thought it was super creepy but then it started to grow on me.  Everyone seemed to really like it so who am I to argue.  Again, this one was pretty easy to make. You just have to watch how you transport it or some reassembly will be needed when you get to your point of destination. Not that I would know from experience or anything…  The body (onesie) is full of diapers laid flat to get it to sit up.  The arms and ears are rolled up diapers.  I typically use double sided tape to get everything to hold into place.

The following sites are great for learning how to do this project on your own:




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  1. Liz Swinson March 14, 2012 at 8:56 am #

    I am the friend who is the mommy of twins – and I can attest to the FACT that the diaper cakes that Ang make for my shower were by far the coolest gifts I got!! They were amazing – and I definitely gasped and ooed and ahhed!!! You are sooo talented Ang – and I love ya!!!!

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