Cayenne! A dogs, errr.. plants best friend

After a long, but productive, day at work, I fly home to feed the dogs.  Vaughan and I have planned a much needed night out and I can’t wait to meet him at our favorite spot.  Wanting to get in and out as fast as possible and being the Virgo I am, I already have the steps laid out in my head how I’m going to get out of the house quickly.  Feed the dogs, pour broth on Andi’s food to entice her to eat quickly, wait for Maddox to inhale his food them force him to follow me into the bedroom so that I can change and he’ll leave Andi’s food alone.  She has this thing about guarding her food and growling at him but NOT eating it because she’s to preoccupied with him.  By the time I’m done changing, she should be done, I’ll walk her outside, let her do her business then I’m on my way. Perfect game plan that should take 7 minutes flat!

I walk into the house, open the doors, pour the food, wait on Maddox, begin heading to the bedroom… to find… AHHHHHHH!!!!! One of the dogs has tore into the house plants getting dirt EVERYWHERE!  Not only on the tile, but on the couch and rug too.


So much for seven minutes… 🙁   This is not the first time this has happened and I venture to guess not the last.  This time it was easy to identify the culprit because there was dirt on the armrest of the couch which is where our darling Andi lays her head.

Beyond the time it takes to clean up, this is actually a simple fix to keep the dogs from attacking out pour plants again. Cayenne Pepper!  We use organic dirt in all of our plants and our dogs LOVE it.  Basically broken down food scraps.  Some of the nutrients are still in the dirt and quite a bit of the flavor, so they just dig right in.  Our poor blueberry plant outside doesn’t even stand a chance.  But Cayenne Pepper seems to do the trick.  I sprinkle a little around the top layer of soil and they stay out.  You just have to remember that after you have watered the plants a couple of times, the pepper is probably gone so don’t forget to refill.  My only piece of advice is to pay attention to any plants that are in a high humidity areas.  Pretty much any outdoor plant in Florida. The pepper is suseptible to mold if there is a lot of humidity. This could eventually kill you plant so just be sure to keep an eye on it and scoop away the mold if it begins to form.

Also, Cayenne works great if your dogs are eating the walls… Yes we love our Andi.  Simply mix the pepper with a little bit of water to form a paste and spread it on the chewed area.  You walls will have a little extra coloring, but it is better than the alternative, holes everywhere.

So I cleaned up the plant, scrubbed the couch and rug, dumped cayenne pepper int he plant then started toward the door.  Before I could even reach the handle, I heard dog sneezing.. hehehe.. Let them play with that for a while.

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