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The Paleo Longevity Argument

“I asked my wife, who’s a cardiologist, about that neanderthal diet you guys are on and she said that back then, on average, people only lived to be 40 years old.”  This is the statement one of my friends heard the other night from a surgeon, who’s wife believes that Paleo has no merit. This […]

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Lessons Learned – The Sanctity Of Our Home

Vaughan is my best friend. Period! And if you know us, then you know it’s true. Anyone who has been around us knows how much we love each other AND how much fun we have together. It doesn’t hurt that he is the funniest person I have ever met.  Sometimes we find ourselves cracking each […]

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A Proper Paleo Cinco De Mayo

This is probably one of the mostest favoritest holidays of a Paleocian! (Ya, I make up words). Especially for Vaughan and myself. When Cinco De Mayo rolls around we will grab our mustaches, jump on our bikes and peddle over to our favorite Mexican joint, Rocco’s Tacos. The great thing about all of these cultural […]

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I Heart You Crossfit

My response to this blog… Crossfit I love you. I love you for allowing me to realize that within myself I have the power to rise above my own perceived limitations. That you allow me to push myself to continue to try harder and reach deeper. That no matter how bad it hurts and how […]

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Diaper Cakes – The nearly perfect baby shower gift

Why nearly perfect? Well, the perfect baby shower gift is that gift that causes the mother to be to gasp, tear up and smile so big that you don’t think she’ll ever stop. It could be that one outfit that she pulls out of the box and can instantly see her baby in or the […]

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Specializing in Not Specializing

I recently ran the A1A Marathon in Ft. Lauderdale as somewhat of an experiment. I wanted to see how my time would be with no distance training in more than 14 months. I have actively been involved in the S. Florida running community.  I ran my first half-marathon in 2005 with the Leukemia & Lymphoma […]

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Every day should be Valentines Day!

Ok, well, maybe not… Considering, for us Valentines Day means a little bit of indulging.  I am very fortunate to have found the one person who makes every day better, keeps me on my path, loves me unconditionally and is literally the funniest person I know.  I love Vaughan dearly and let him know every […]

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A Guy Walks Into a Gym

Sometimes a small, seemingly insignificant choice can change our lives… Here’s mine… A few days ago, after completing a WOD* at Crossfit Delray Beach, Allegra, the Director of Ops, asked me to hang around for a few minutes.  She said that Sarah, the owner of the box, had something to talk to me about.  I […]

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You gotta FLOW with it.

The other day I was talking to Vaughan about something that I seemed to be holding onto.  Without getting into too many details, there is something in our life that seems to be changing and I couldn’t seem to get my head around it.  I sometimes catch myself wanting things to stay the same because […]

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OK… So to help make everyone look like a Mr. Smarty-Pants know-it-all… We are adding this schedule for your planning convenience.  Even though it’s really none of your business and should be a surprise, we would hate for you to miss out on the flash mob happening at exactly 3:27pm. (No, not really) Friday The […]

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