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Words to think about…

Do you ever hear a quote that stops you dead in your tracks? The kind that makes you take pause and just stays with you? One that you will forever repeat and think about… I heard one today and felt the urge to share it. I was listening to my favorite podcaster Angelo Coppola from […]

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How Your Coffee Can Make A Difference

We are a coffee addicted nation. We drink it to get moving in the morning, as a mid morning push through, after lunch, and a mid afternoon pick me up just to get us through the day. In the latest National Coffee Association Study, 63% of Americans drink coffee daily with about 80% drinking it […]

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3 month subscription to Paleo Living Magazine for FREE – just follow the link

Good morning everyone! Well I woke up to some pretty awesome news this morning! Paleo Living Magazine, which is, as you would guess… a magazine about living the Paleo lifestyle, reached out to me to publish one of my blogs as a story in their magazine. Very honored! They chose my article about homemade extracts. […]

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Meet Murphy

We have a new addition to our family I’d like to introduce, Murphy! Well, technically speaking he’s not that new anymore. I’m a little behind on introducing him since he actually moved in about 7 months ago. Moved in, got comfortable, claimed Andi as his girlfriend, and pretty much took over our house… and our […]

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2012 Reflection – 2013 Resolutions

Ya I know… It’s already the 2nd so I may have missed to gun on this post but hey, when have I regularly been on time for anything?  New Years holds a special place  for me. Actually, it is the time of year I look more forward to than any. Don’t get me wrong, Halloween […]

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Our Community Garden

I have tried and tried to get a garden growing in our backyard to no avail! I absolutely adore our backyard, but one of the things I love about it the most is the same thing that keeps fruits and veggies from growing, the shade. And to be completely honest, I am just not good […]

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How To Stay Connected When Your Other Is Always ‘Connected’

I’m married to a Social Networker. Oh this is not new news to me (or probably many of you) and I came willingly into this marriage full aware of this knowledge. If you too are married to a social networker then you understand the full extent of what this means… If you are not, well […]

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Our Wedding – A 30’s Themed Affair to Remember

We made it back from our honeymoon and what an amazing trip! Crossfit games, coastal drive, then wine country. The food, wine and people were all top notch, but this post isn’t about our honeymoon. It’s about our wedding… I began writing this blog sitting on Virgin Air flight 321 to LA for our honeymoon […]

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2012 Crossfit Games Day 2

Another day gone, another day closer to finding the fittest guy and girl on earth! For me day 2 didn’t prove to be quite as exciting as day 1, but it was eventful and exhausting for the athletes. The weather out here was brutal for the athletes… hot with little breeze. As for us, we […]

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2012 Crossfit Games Day One

Well, we finally made it to our first Crossfit Games and after day one we are exhausted! I really didn’t know what to expect but I am SO GLAD we decided to make this trip. Although, we did have a little bit of a rough start.  Being that this is the start to our honeymoon […]

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