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10 simple DIY cleaning tips that are kind to Mother Earth

In honor of earth day here are some simple tips for household cleaning that are easy on the planet AND your pocket. We seem to get so caught up in a fast pace environment that it seems easier just to grab a cleaning product off the shelf instead of finding safer ways to create our […]

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Making Your Own Vitamin Water

We all know that water is good for us and we should be drinking copious amounts of it every day. Well, maybe not copious amounts but enough to flush and hydrate us. If you are a soda, coffee or juice drinker all day, then you may not be getting enough water into your system. Not […]

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Homemade Extracts

If I could grow all my own food, cook every one of the meals I eat, and make all my own seasonings & flavorings, I would. But in the world I live in, that is just not possible. Secretly I really want to be Martha Stewart… But even Martha can’t do this all on her […]

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Party Favors – Bourbon Cherries

Parties for me are all about the details and one of my favorite “details” to figure out and create are party favors. I have to admit… I have this secret obsession with favors. I don’t think they are absolutely necessary BUT it is a nice touch and if favors are provided, I feel they should […]

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Best Garlic Press EVAH!!!

Sur La Table just opened across the street from the restaurant and I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets, so this is a dangerous zone for me. I dream of the day when I have a HUGE, well organized kitchen and can stock it with all sorts of kitchenware. But for now, I have to […]

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Worm Tea – The Real Miracle Food For Plants

These 2 fellas come out every morning to our back porch, patiently waiting for their breakfast of black fly larvae that fall out of our vermicomposter. A buffet of larvae that keeps these fat guys from even having to work very hard for their breakfast…. Our vermicomposter provides worm tea which is a hearty nutritious […]

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10 Tips To Save Money On Food

Warning: This is a post that gets me fired up! Ok, that’s your fair warning. Prices on food is every so slightly going up… Oh who are we kidding, there’s been droughts, and fires, and gas prices, and other what nots that are making food prices go up and everyone is feeling the pinch. And […]

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Cleaning Your Front Loading Washer

We love our new space age front loading washer and dryer. In fact, we refer to them as our spaceships. Ya, we’re dorks. They’re quiet, efficient and can pretty much do anything we want them to. Except make our coffee, but I’m convinced there’s a setting for that too and we just haven’t figured it […]

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Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

Two of my all time favorite flavorings have to be cinnamon and vanilla! I’m a baker at heart and there is no way I would survive without these two. ¬†I use quite a bit of vanilla and the price and flavor that I’ve been getting hasn’t been in my favor. ¬†Getting really frustrated with the […]

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Diaper Cakes – The nearly perfect baby shower gift

Why nearly perfect? Well, the perfect baby shower gift is that gift that causes the mother to be to gasp, tear up and smile so big that you don’t think she’ll ever stop. It could be that one outfit that she pulls out of the box and can instantly see her baby in or the […]

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