Baby Dugan Will Be Joining Our Family!

pregnantCat’s out of the bag. Finally! I’M PREGNANT!!!! We are so incredibly excited and even more so that we can share this information with the world. We just announced it on Facebook and you know how nothing is real until it’s on Facebook. Not truly friends until your friends on Facebook… Not really in a relationship until your status is updated on Facebook… Those great highlights of your life that don’t happen unless they are posted on Facebook… What!?! You know EXACTLY what I mean. We’ve ventured into a new social way of connecting with each other, and status updates wether Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. are how so many people now communicate… So… in our household I guess it’s really happening. We’re really having a baby! Cause we’ve just told the world via Facebook. LOL

I’ve actually been waiting for this moment so I can start blogging about my experiences as a first time mom. I know it’s been a while since I’ve had an update. I tend to go radio silent for bouts at a time. I’m still learning how to balance life and sometimes things just take over and then I have to pull myself back into my blog and other areas I have been neglecting. So here I am! Ready to share the next chapter of my life with you all.

My intentions are to share my experiences, learnings, struggles, and even mishaps along the way. I’m not a mainstream OB patient and we don’t plan on being mainstream parents. As I get closer to achieving my doctorate in holistic nutrition, I have had my eyes opened to A LOT! There is so much happening to us in this world that we are completely unaware of. Things that can change the outlook of our health, our environment and our life for the better if we just learn to educate ourselves and become aware. We have the opportunity to make decisions and positively impact the health of ourselves and our loved ones. It takes so much time to educate ourselves and there’s such a mix of information out there that sometimes we just don’t have the bandwidth to sort through it all. My hope, is that I can provide you with a bit of what I have learned and am learning along the way, so that you can have an opportunity to make more informed decisions for you and your family.

I realize that each one of us is unique and what works for me may not work for you. I also am not in a place to instruct you on what decisions to make for yourselves. This blog is simply me sharing with you what I have learned and what works for me and my family. Fair warning – I’m not going to hold anything back. This is going to be a new venture and challenge for myself. I tend to censure myself in many aspects ensuring that I do not offend people. Well, for those of you who are parents, you are very aware that all bets are off once you reach this chapter in your life.

As of today I am 8 weeks (and 1 day) pregnant. In this short time I have already come to face that I have 2 ways I can venture through this pregnancy. I can be scared (cause what new mom isn’t), understate the drastic changes that will occur in my body (some of which I’ve already heard aren’t too flattering), pretend that this is an easy and graceful period (which I am aware of what is in store and know there will be some moments)…. OR…. I can face everything with honesty, purity, and intent to learn, grow, and use this time to hopefully inform others along the way. I have chosen the latter. And for me, that means sharing it all. This blog will be an account of one of the most momentous periods of my life. One that I want to share with my baby in the future.

So back to being pregnant! Here’s what the past couple of weeks have had in store for me.


This is the ‘gestational week’ we found out I was pregnant. So I learned that in the OB world that your pregnancy is measured by your gestational age which starts on the first day of your last menstrual cycle. Ya, you haven’t even done THE deed yet to start growing a baby but your OB is already telling you your further along than you are. This is because it is hard for many to pinpoit the exact day they got pregnant, so the menstrual thing becomes a standard across the board.

I had missed my period and told Vaughan we needed to purchase a test. I did the deed and waited for the stick to give me a sign… and waited…. and…. it turned “pregnant.” I waited a little longer to see if the word “not” was going to appear above it. That’s when I walked out of the bathroom holding it out in front of me. Vaughan said, “well?” and I just let him read it for himself. He looked at me and immediately welled up then grabbed me and hugged me. We both sputtered a little and didn’t really know what to say for the first couple of seconds. He got tears because he was sooo happy. I got tears because I was sooo scared. Same reaction for different emotions. It just seemed so surreal to me and part of me didn’t think it would ever happen so when that little test held my future on its screen, my honest reaction was fear. Not gut wrenching I can’t do this fear, but a subtle, my life has just turned over fear and although we had been trying… Well, I just wasn’t prepared for that moment.

I pulled back from him and looked him in the eyes. And in that brief second, I knew everything was going to be ok. Not just ok, but great. I knew he was going to be the most amazing father ever and that he would help me no matter what hurdles or feelings I was dealing with. His eyes were all I needed to feel assured that I’m not alone and never will be. Without saying anything, Vaughan made my world perfect.

So we immediately called my folks and his. I wanted to share that precise moment with them. I am so lucky that our baby is going to have the most amazing grandparents and I needed both of them to know that this baby is not just Vaughan and mines. But he or she is a part of all of us. To me, grandparents are just as important as parents. They give a child something the parents just can’t. When you are lucky enough to have great grandparents, they are the epitome of pure love. I needed them all to know that we are all in this together and that Vaughan and I need them in our lives for ourselves and for our child. Then we told our siblings who were just as excited. From there, we decided to keep it to ourselves, at least until I could better process this information.

Week 5 went by without ANY signs of pregnancy (beyond the affirmed home pregnancy test). I’ve read and heard that so many people know they’re pregnant before they truly know, because of signs… sore boobs, emotional swings, etc. I didn’t have any. This whole week I kept waiting for my body to assure me I was pregnant but it just didn’t happen… nothing!

Vaughan would ask me every day how I was feeling or if there were any changes and my response was always the same, “I still don’t feel pregnant.” Neither one of us was sure if this was a good sign or not. So I scheduled my doctors visit. This all just seemed very surreal and I really couldn’t wrap my head around it. At this point, I had pretty much all but given up that I was going to ever get pregnant.


Still no changes. First Drs appointment and I got a blood test that confirmed my pregnancy. I think we both had a little doubt simply because I still had no signs. At this point we decided to tell our close friends because hey… I’m really preggers, my bloodwork said so.

It still didn’t seem real. I kept waiting for some kind of change. I had started noticing my energy was fluctuating. I typically was starting the day out with quite a bit of energy and would crash pretty hard by late afternoon. But beyond that I still was struggling with believing this was really happening.


I think half way through this week is when Vaughan stopped asking me every morning how I was feeling. I think he was tired of hearing the same thing… “still the same – not pregnant.” I hear of people getting morning sickness early on but I was still experiencing no changes. Nope… that’s a lie. My boobs were just a touch more tender. Of course I noticed this while doing burpees in crossfit so I wasn’t totally sure wether it was sensitivity or my chest smacking against the ground… Maybe I was just hoping for some sort of sign.

We started telling more people this week, including our staff at the restaurant. There were a couple of people who knew we were trying and I know they would be so excited so I couldn’t wait to tell them. The biggest joy of becoming pregnant for me is seeing the genuine reactions from the people in our lives we care so much about. To receive genuine love, congratulations, and best wishes from people is such a gift.

By the end of this week Vaughan asked if I though it was ok that I wasn’t having symptoms. We hear so much about what other people go through that we just kind of expect to fall in that category. I reminded him how well I have been taking care of myself, not only for me but in preparation to have a baby. We have been trying for 1 1/2 yrs and that was quite a bit of time to eat healthy and become really conscious about my environment. I’ve been very active and have been for years and I manage my stress. I’m not surprised that so far everything has been really good, I have been planning for this.


So here we are, at the beginning(ish) of week 8. We went to the doctor this morning to hear the heartbeat. WOW! There really is a human being growing inside me. That first sound is so awe inspiring. And I am so fortunate that my husband was right there beside me. He is going to be an amazing father and always takes such good care of me and is taking an active role in this pregnancy.

The tech also said I’m carrying high. So of course I had to google that, especially with the old wives tales about determining the gender based on how you’re carrying. Apparently carrying high or low has more to do with your abs. Strong abs = carry high, lax abs = carry low. Thank you crossfit!

So here we are… On my way to a new adventure and super excited about it all. Vaughan has been rolling over so many ideas of how to announce our pregnancy on Facebook. Seriously, this is something he would think about before I even became pregnant. If you know him, you know how active he is on social media and he truly has a flair for doing things differently and with awe. I kept waiting to hear what he was going to come up with as well. After hearing that heartbeat he decided that today and that beat was as good of a way as any. I’m happy he decided to announce it the way he did as well. It’s pure and now he doesn’t have to think about it and the whole world knows. And today there is nothing more precious than our babies heartbeat.

Here’s his Facebook announcement:

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 6.01.42 PM

And yes, you read that correctly. Vaughan’s father passed away last year on October 2nd, our due date. He wanted to be a grandfather to our children (yes, hoping to have more than 1 in the future) so badly. I do believe he had a hand in this.

My plans… There is so much to think about with a pregnancy. Here are some topics I intend to cover over the upcoming months.

  • Finding a Dr or midwife
  • Crossfit & Pregnancy
  • Nutrition & Cravings
  • Ultrasounds, Tests & Prenatal Interventions (what’s worth it for me and what’s not)
  • Delivery Interventions and what I will choose & avoid
  • What I learn along the way and bumps in the road

Until next time…

“A grand adventure is about to begin.” -Winnie The Pooh



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  1. Carol Kempenaar February 24, 2015 at 7:49 pm #

    I am as excited as you both and will enjoy your journey with you! Love reading your blogs and spending time with you both! I admire all the search and studying you have done to prepare for this very beautiful time in your life!

  2. Mary Quigg February 24, 2015 at 9:59 pm #

    I am so very excited to follow you and Vaughan on this incredible journey…Oh, yes, I believe Patrick had a hand in this!
    Mary Quigg

  3. sheriann February 24, 2015 at 11:48 pm #

    I’m Totally looking forward to following your journey. My heart is heavy… Sooo happy for you two ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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