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Happy Mothers Day to ALL the AMAZING moms out there!

This is my first official Mothers Day and in true mom fashion, I woke at 5:30am… No sleeping in for this mom but used eye masks for sleeping. Bassil usually nurses in the middle of the night but I guess he decided to let me get a full nights sleep! Dogs started barking so I fed […]

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Spuni – Bassils first spoon

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to the Spuni.  Although, technically this is not the first spoon I purchased for Bassil, it is our current go to. I came across this spoon on Grommet, which by the way is a great place to stumble across some pretty nifty gadgets. Ya, I said nifty! […]

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My birth story…

There is nothing more profound than becoming a mother. It’s simply indescribable. To create a life, nurture it to birth and bring that newborn into the world is something that sadly only women will truly get to experience and fully understand. It’s like joining a club that is so mysterious and exclusive that to try […]

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Being a baby’s chef….

‘Wait until they are 6 months before starting solids.’ ‘Start at 4 months.. the sooner the better for the palate.’ ‘Start them on rice milk right away to get them to sleep through the night.’ ‘Food is for fun before year one.’ ‘Don’t feed your baby until he can feed himself.’ ‘Only start with pureed […]

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A letter to my husband on his first Fathers Day

To my dearest husband, best friend, and father of our soon to be born Bassil Patrick, Happy Father’s Day! I write you a letter here instead of a card because I want Bassil to be able to look back and read about the time when we were so anxiously anticipating his arrival. I’m thrilled to […]

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What this first time mom hates hearing more than anything

I’ve kept my mouth shut for a while (22 weeks to be exact) because I didn’t want to offend anyone or hurt anyones feelings. I know most of the people who talk to me about being pregnant, going into labor, or being a parent have good intentions and want to help. Or at least I always […]

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IT’S A BOY!!! We see you working from up there Pat…

Woot Woot! We just got the news this morning that our little alien is going to be a boy! Oh don’t judge me for calling him an alien. Look at that photo. 🙂 We are so excited. Vaughan and I both wanted a boy. I know most parents don’t care and we would have been thrilled […]

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To Tell or Not To Tell – When is the right time to announce my pregnancy?

After finding out we were pregnant and immediately telling our family, our first decision, and most couples first decision, is determining when to publicly announce the pregnancy. Do we wait until the “critical” time has passed? Or do we embrace the moment and scream it to the world? This choice is a very personal one for […]

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Baby Dugan Will Be Joining Our Family!

Cat’s out of the bag. Finally! I’M PREGNANT!!!! We are so incredibly excited and even more so that we can share this information with the world. We just announced it on Facebook and you know how nothing is real until it’s on Facebook. Not truly friends until your friends on Facebook… Not really in a […]

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Words to think about…

Do you ever hear a quote that stops you dead in your tracks? The kind that makes you take pause and just stays with you? One that you will forever repeat and think about… I heard one today and felt the urge to share it. I was listening to my favorite podcaster Angelo Coppola from […]

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