A letter to my husband on his first Fathers Day

To my dearest husband, best friend, and father of our soon to be born Bassil Patrick,proud dad

Happy Father’s Day! I write you a letter here instead of a card because I want Bassil to be able to look back and read about the time when we were so anxiously anticipating his arrival.

I’m thrilled to wish you a happy Father’s Day and dream about the kind of dad you will be. Although our little man has not graced us with his presence in this world as of yet, you have already established a foundation as a father who Bassil will be so blessed to have. I believe the best gift a man can give his son is to be an example of how to live. So let me take this moment to be your mirror and show you what you will be teaching Bassil through your actions and the essence of who you are.

Love everyone. You never know what gift someone will grace you with by being a part of your life or how you can positively impact theirs. So be present with each person who passes through your life and always remember we are unique gifts to each other. Vaughan, you have touched more people than you realize and enhanced so many lives. Bassil will hear stories as he grows of how you have influenced, helped, cared about and loved so many. Even those who weren’t too lovable at times. But more importantly, he will see you this way. He will see you reach out and be there for people and provide an example of how important connection is and giving when you can.

Be present, patient, and provide for your family. You will teach him that family is more than blood. That we get to choose our family and those people who are closest will come in and out of our lives and flow like an ever changing river. You will show him how important it is to show up, be present and provide for those who are closest to you because that’s simply what you do and who you are. That is a Dugan trait and one that I believe will be instilled in Bassils blood. Vaughan, whenever anyone in your family needs you, all they have to do is ask and you will always provide. Family always comes first with you. You’re thoughtful, compassionate, strong, perceptive and reliable. Characteristics that Bassil will learn early.

Find something that you love and run with it. Just make sure you do it your way and that it feels right. You will show Bassil how normal sucks and natural works. He will see through you how there is no one way to do anything, there is only your way that works for you. Go to college or don’t. Follow a career or jump around to jobs that inspire you. Get married and have children young or don’t. Become a doctor, an entrepreneur, a sports enthusiast, a photographer, a stay at home dad, an environmentalist or whatever it is that makes your heart sing. Just make sure you listen to your heart, block out the noise and run with whatever it is that inspires you. This is the type of life you live and one he will come to understand as he grows.

Be a spiritual person, live your truth, be grateful and most importantly find happiness in the every day things. You will teach him that you don’t have to be religious, be a part of a specific group, or identify with any sect in order to be a good person. You will teach him that being present and finding happiness all around you sets you up for a fulfilled life. He will see how you find fulfillment through being present and showing gratitude rather than chasing money and material things. Bassil will become a spiritual kid because that will be what you instill in this house. He will be a good kid, young man, and adult because you have shown him how.

Alway always listen to your mom as she is right 97% of the time which is really good odds. And when she’s not right, just smile and tell her she’s pretty.  🙂 What? I can project can’t I?

I love you Vaughan Patrick Dugan. And I can’t imagine a more loving, compassionate, role model of a father for our little Bassil Patrick Dugan. These are the gifts you will provide our son and he will bless us in so many ways. Happy Father’s Day baby on the first of many many fathers days to come.

-love mommy and Bassil to be

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