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Good morning everyone! Well I woke up to some pretty awesome news this morning! Paleo Living Magazine, which is, as you would guess… a magazine about living the Paleo lifestyle, reached out to me to publish one of my blogs as a story in their magazine. Very honored! They chose my article about homemade extracts. This one.


THE SUPER COOL PART is they are extending an offer to all my readers for a FREE 3 month subscription to their magazine. There is no catch to it. You will never be charged and at the end of 3 months it just ends. No CC needed! All you need is an iPhone or iPad as the magazine is digital. So check it out.

Click on this link: http://paleomagazine.com/More-Than-Paleo

Enter in some info and you are set to go. Please share with your friends and family. There are some really cool articles in there. Some things in life truly are free and I’m so excited to be able to extend this one to you. ENJOY!

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