2012 Crossfit Games Day 2

Another day gone, another day closer to finding the fittest guy and girl on earth! For me day 2 didn’t prove to be quite as exciting as day 1, but it was eventful and exhausting for the athletes. The weather out here was brutal for the athletes… hot with little breeze. As for us, we forgot sunblock and I ended up getting fried! I’ll be more prepared for day 3.

The morning started off with the team events: Yoke carry for distance, followed by Clean and Jerks, a sprint, and rope climbs. The girls as a group had to do 30 total clean and jerks, sprint 100 yards and complete 20 total rope climbs then the guys repeat the same. Once completed, each athlete is to run back 100 yards and each individually do one clean and jerk and one rope climb, for time with a 19 minute time cap… Ya, not one team even came close to finishing that event. They’ll rethink that one next year. The yoke carry was interesting.  It was essentially a bar with weights hanging from each side. Each individual had to rest the bar on their shoulders and carry it as far as they could. Once dropped, the next teammate picked it up and kept moving. I think it was a 4 minute time cap. The tricky part wasn’t just the weight of the bar… it was the challenge with balancing it. If the weights started swinging and you couldn’t keep them still, you were going  down. The teams all did relatively the same amount of distance until the final heat. Team Ute from Utah had one individual athlete who picked up the yoke, slowly got it balanced and then took off! And not the shuffle step that most athletes were doing. This guy was practically running with this thing on his back. Of course he was probably the biggest guy on the field and looked every bit like a football player. This was the start of an anybodies game type of day.

Next up was the girls individual followed by the guys individual. The first part of this event was a shuttle run (50 meters and back then 100 meters and back). The second part contained 20 foot rope climbs and football sled drives (5 rounds until the sled was all the way down the field.) This one just looked brutal! Not only was the sun beating down, the sled was incredibly heavy. The athletes would have to get a running start and tackle the thing to get it moving. Getting low on the sled proved to be the only way to get some distance. Again nothing too exciting until round three when Rebecca Voigt crushed the time and blew everyone else away. She ran up to her final sled drive, got low and dug in. There was no one near her but she knew that in order to have a chance of coming in first she had to give it her all because the best girls where in the next heat and she had no idea how well they would do in this event. Slow and steady she got it across the finish line as the crowd went wild, only to collapse to the ground after. Her efforts were worth it in the end. No one came close to her time and she sinched the first place spot.

Two athletes got taken off the field and sent to medical. Several completely broke down after this event. The heat and work proved to be almost too much for a couple of them. We saw Coach Bob Harper from the biggest loser and tried as hard as we could to get his attention for a picture but unfortunately he was just a little too far away and I wasn’t about to start yelling at him. Now onto the stadium for the next team event… Actually, we grabbed some grub and hung out in the a.c. for a little before the stadium. I was starting to get fried and already exhausted.

The next team event was a get the work done type of event. Each teammate had to make it through stations and could not progress until the station in front of them was completed by their teammate.  There was definitely strategy that went into this event. Do you put your fastest first or last?  Guys had to go before girls could start. One of the teams had a fallen member, a guy who ripped his bicep and could no longer compete but his teammates were not giving up. So one of the 2 remaining guys on that team completed his work and went back to the beginning to do it all over again for his partner. You could tell he was exhausted and with each movement the crowd went wild. To see a team that refused to give up not matter the cost was inspiring. There was no way this team was going to be in the top to move to Sunday but it didn’t matter. They refused to give up.  They are true crossfitters.

At this point we decided to head back to the hotel. We had dinner plans in the evening and I don’t think I could take any more sun on my skin. We watched the womens and mens clean ladder event from our hotel room. I’m actually bummed we weren’t in the stadium for this one. Every 30 seconds the athletes would progress to a heaver bar they had to clean from the ground. They had 30 seconds to complete the clean and if they failed they could pound out as many deadlifts as possible for partial points. These deadlifts helped to separate ties and proved to give some athletes a slight advantage once all the totals were tallied. Two girls (both prior olympic lifters) proved to be the best in this event, making it all the way through the ladder. This allowed both of these girls to get enough points to make the top 36 and move on to the next event.  Anybodies game!

We didn’t watch the final event of the night. We headed to Mastro’s in Beverly Hills to meet some friends for an amazing dinner! Seafood tower, steak and yes, the dessert too! Hey, we’re on vacation and were celebrating our honeymoon with them. Now onto day 3! The individual events haven’t been announced and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.


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