2 Months To Go!

It’s been a whirlwind lately… between Angela starting a new job, moving Pizza Fusion’s offices and opening up a new restaurant… wedding planning seems to take a back seat sometimes. It’s not for a lack of trying, that’s for sure.  Some people plan their wedding day like a soldier plans a war.  We have taken a more casual approach because it’s a reflection of us and the style of wedding it will be.  We’ve hinted that this is a “themed” wedding but there’s no better place to make it “official” than on our “official” wedding blog.  We are having a “1930′s Prohobition Era” wedding theme.  What does this mean? Do I have to wear a costume? Will there be a bunch of guys in zoot suits and women in flappers outfits?  To answer those simply… No & N0.  The theme of the decor and the style of our wedding party’s outfits WILL be “inspired by” the 1930′s era.  If you are so inclined to do so, and we hope you are, please feel free to get creative with your attire.  Fedora hats, finger wave hair-do’s and pin-stripe suits were certainly quite fashionable. Some of the greatest movie icons of all time first appeared or flourished in this decade, including Greta Garbo, Clark Gable, James Stewart, Fred Astaire and Bette Davis. Stars especially associated with the decade include Mae West, Jean Harlow and James Cagney. Fans of classic movie comedy could dress up as Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp, Laurel and Hardy or The Marx Brothers.

Again… this not a “costume party” but it certainly a party. Angela & I are excited to have fun on this day with our friends and family so loosen up and get shopping for a creative outfit! We are working on transforming DaDa into a speakeasy for the evening and will have tons of surprises! Stay tuned!

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